As November is close to it’s end we’re also closing in on the last coverage of Female composers during this month, this week we’re covering the japanese female composer and programmer Yuka Watanabe, her career was of outmost interest to research as her career can almost be cut in half like a coconut, making her coverage quite easy to separate composition and engineering.

This and much more in this weeks episode of Gameable Audio a VGM Podcast!

Music in the episode: 

    1. Time Soldiers – The Future World – Yuka Watanabe
    2. Rumble Roses – The spirit of Hawk – Yuka Watanabe
    3. Castlevania Curse of Darkness – Waltz of the Lazy Chair Room – Yuka Watanabe
    4. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle R – Lisa Lisa (Elizabeth) – Chikayo Fukuda

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Voices of the episode:
Christofer ”ChrisX” Schenström

Listen here:



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