Amazing journey’s are starting out in the most interesting spaces, but this story starts out at the computer club at a very young age, the curiousity of what a tracker is ended up in a much larger path than Joonas could’ve imagine, ending up in a lot of exciting projects and this week we’re talking about his latest release, Go mecha ball!

Sit down and enjoy this weeks Gameable Audio a VGM Podcast!

Music in the episode: 

    1. Go Mecha Ball – Lurk – Joonas Turner
    2. Go Mecha Ball – o o o a a a e e e u u u – Joonas Turner
    3. Go Mecha Ball – WAREZ – Joonas Turner
    4. Go Mecha Ball – Pit Stop Kickout – Joonas Turner
    5. Go Mecha Ball – Go Mecha Ball – Joonas Turner

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Voices of the episode:
Christofer ”ChrisX” Schenström
Joonas ”KissaKolme” Turner

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