Starting out on the Amiga, pushing through to learn an art, an deep interest in SID music then created the path for a new artist under the name of Instant Remedy. To combine the genuine interest for gaming music and the dancefloor, Chris invites Martin to talk about his work that he has been doing for more than 20 years. Game development, sound, music and being out of ones comfort zone are the topics for this weeks episode!

Sit down and enjoy this weeks Gameable Audio a VGM Podcast!

Music in the episode: 

    1. Cover – Comic Bakery – Instant Remedy
    2. Cover – Flimbo’s Quest – Instant Remedy
    3. Cover – Chris Huelsbeck Megamix – Instant Remedy
    4. Stuck in Progress – Original music – Instant Remedy
    5. Cover – Masquerade – Instant Remedy

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Instant Remedy’s Homepage
Instant Remedy’s Remix64 profil
Instant Remedy’s Facebook page
Instant Remedy’s YouTube channel
Instant Remedy’s Spotify page
The old interview with Instant Remedy from 2003
Cypher 007

Voices of the episode:
Christofer ”ChrisX” Schenström
Martin ”Instant Remedy” Noriander

Listen here:



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